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Memory Care Resources

6 Successful Memory Care Programs

As a leader in the Cincinnati market, The Kenwood by Senior Star provides cutting-edge memory care programs for the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our recent expansion was designed to encourage residents to partake in activities that benefit their motor skills and help to express themselves. Below are five successful programs that we provide our residents.

Located in our memory care wing, the Snoezelen Room multi-sensory environment. It is filled with soothing lights, sounds, scents and textures providing residents with a relaxing atmosphere away from challenges, confusion and agitation. A great resource for residents who struggle with high anxiety, the room radiates a calming effect. From a bubble machine and dim lights to soft music and a cozy recliner, residents become comforted and tranquil.

Meanwhile, our Dakim BrainFitness is a self-adjusting, clinically-tested brain fitness software designed specifically for adults over the age of 60. Not every residents enjoys group activities, but many desire mental stimulation. Dakim engages a resident at their level – adjusting questions based on the resident’s answers. With puzzles, sorting and memory games to choose from, Dakim keeps Senior Stars’ brains active and engages all, no matter what Alzheimer’s or dementia stage they are in. No computer skills are needed and the touch screen makes it easy for everyone to follow along.

Memories in the Making ®, is a signature art program of the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati . The process of creating art stimulates the mind in unique and beneficial ways. It replaces the need to remember with the ability to self-express. No art skills are needed.

Functional Destination Programming ® promotes cognitive activity and we use it when a resident becomes confused in the present. Staff members guide them to a destination station where they engage in an activity that is familiar – typing on a typewriter if they retired from an office, for example. This allows the resident to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The Kenwood is a Certified MUSIC & MEMORY Community. Our certification ensures families that their loved ones will have access to the transformative, therapeutic benefits of personalized music and marks our commitment to person-centered care. Residents have a personalized playlist of their favorite music and staff or family members can check-out the community iPods to share special memories of the past. It provides calming music at times of high anxiety or it can create a fun and happy moment of interaction. Memory Care facilities across the country have expressed how effective this program is for them and the transformations are amazing. Our residents have also experienced incredible results.

Our newest program, BikeAround™ represents another amazing innovation in memory care. Developed in Sweden, BikeAround™ pairs Google Street View with a stationary bike. Through the power of virtual reality and physical movement, residents are exploring everything from childhood hangouts to the streets of big cities around the world. Residents will experience the joys of reminiscing by telling stories as they bike around locations of their past.

We invite you to observe and even experience these programs for yourself and your loved one. We can arrange for you to visit while an activity is going on in our Memory Care unit. Please contact us to schedule a tour or complete the contact us form on our home page. 513-399-5296