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Rita’s Story

Carol Thamann, daughter of late-resident Rita Prinzbach, and Memory Care LPN Terry Hill share fond memories of Rita and her life at The Kenwood by Senior Star.

Rita loved to be outside and sit in the outdoor patio and garden. She would watch the birds, look at the clouds and blue sky, and the tomato plants that were planted in the garden. Both Carol and her sister would take her outside to the patio for their visit. It was a special time they all shared and could enjoy together.

Annette DeCamp, Manager of Programs and Events here at The Kenwood, recalls Rita signing up for the Music & Memory iPod program. She was one of the first residents to want to participate. Her children helped select some of her favorite music. Whenever they would put the headset on Rita and she listened to her music, her face would light up.

Annette wanted to engage Rita in doing yoga, but Rita would refuse to participate. After she began the Music & Memory program, Annette utilized that program to get Rita engaged in this activity. Through listening to her music, it helped her become more social and she started participating in yoga class. It was a big breakthrough the staff was hoping for.

Her daughter, Lois, was visiting one day and watching her mother in this class. Rita began making comments about the music and was able to have somewhat of a normal conversation. Lois wrote a letter to us explaining how happy she was that her mom could engage with her and  the difference that the iPod Music & Memory program had made.

We encourage you to schedule a visit and bring your loved one who is suffering from memory loss. You can observe a class on your tour and both of you can even try it out while you are here.       To learn more about our dementia programs,please contact us at 513-399-5296.